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About Advanced Miners Project

Our mission is to make Bitcoin more decentralised with more new pools and various mining hardware.

Advanced Miners company was founded in Hong Kong in 2016 with several mining farms in North China. Company developed ASIC AM-12, based on 12nm chip. Now Advanced Miners offers you to become part of Advanced Miners family by buying their ACM Tokens.

Own ASIC that costs 1000 ACM Tokens with 28 000 Gh/s on SHA-256 algorithm

Own mining hardware and infrastructure and cheapest electricity in China and Canada are main benefits of Advanced Miners company. With these advantages you'll find incredible opportunities in mining business in 2018-2019 year.

Token distribution


50% Development Mining Farm with ASIC AM-12 distribution

35% Development ASIC AM-7 distribution

>TOKEN DISTRIBUTION< 9% Marketing and Media

6% Software: Pool, mining platform.


Investments Estimate







Advanced Miners ASIC AM-12

Advanced Miners ASIC based on 12nm and 7nm chip

Advanced Miners is launching ASIC based on 12 nm Fin FET Compact (FFC) semiconductor chip in July 2018. Advanced Miners sure that this significant breakthrough will be widely adopted and as such they “will now proceed to the next step of the development to realize a 7 nm process technology for chips to be used in the mining.” The company further added that it “will not sell mining boards equipped with 12 nm FFC process based mining chips for public, but instead selling for all they launch ICO and sell only between their investors.”


Your Investment


Monthly income

  • 1m
  • 2m
  • 3m
  • 6m
  • 12m
  • 36m



+ 50 %

30.04 - 14.05

Main ICO Stage-1

+ 35 %

15.05 - 14.06

Main ICO stage-2

+ 20 %

15.06 - 15.07


Advanced Miners Online platform

Advanced Miners already developed and tested online sell-buy hash platform, also they announced that cloud mining platform will be finished after the ICO completion.

Platform is unique, moreover investors can exchange or turn ACM Tokens into Hash power. Due to that mining profit and all payments will be effected automatically. You can purchase contracts for Bitcoin mining with ASIC AM-12 and AM-7 with ACM Tokens only during all 2018-2019 period. Simplicity and easy-to-use private cabinet will allow to those who never did cryptocurrency mimimg before to start their profitable work with us without building an own mining farm. Online platform permits to get Bitcoin mining profit in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero and Dash.

ICO investors will have some advantages compareing to other mining companies, so far as they can choose whether to buy ASIC with delivery to their Data centers or buy Hash on online platform with guaranteed cheap electricity, and just start making good money.

Token crowdsale

Advanced Miners launch ACM Token (ERC20) based on Ethereum.
Total 32 000 000 ACM Tokens.

Bounty and Team 2 000 000 ACM Tokens.

Pre-Sale 6 000 000 ACM Token for sale from April, 30th - May, 14th. $0.7 per Token, 50% discount from final Token price.

ICO 1st Stage 12 000 000 ACM Token for sale from May, 15th - June,15th. $0.9 per token, 35% discount from final Token price.

ICO 2nd Stage 12 000 000 ACM Token Start selling from June, 15th - July, 15th. $1.2 per token, 20% discount from final Token price.

Our team

James Pieron CEO, MBA

James was born in Stockholm in English family. A broker, entrepreneur and Blockchain investor. Started his career as a broker at London Brokerage Ltd. Graduated Stockholm University and Imperial College Business School in London with Master of Business Administration - MBA,studied Finance and Financial Management Services. In 2014 moved to Hong Kong and worked as Executive Manager at Hong Kong Exchange & Clearing Ltd., where met Advanced Miners co-founders. This year James started investing in Bitcoin. In 2015, James and Zhang set up first mining farm, and in 2016 Sofia and Ariel joined this team. This year they have an own mining farm in Northern China, but they use Antminer ASIC. By the end of 2017 they decided invest in own 12nm ASIC and invested in Japanese company (we cannot disclose this company from our NDA) and finally got this chip. Idea of ICO start in 2018 where they decided to make own pool and develop own new ASIC on 12nm chip. For this ambitious project they decided to start ICO and raised some money . James first declared this brilliant idea to sell hash or ASIC for their investors only. And ICO started.

Co-Founder Asian at  Blockchain Society
Zhang Jin Wei Co-Founder Asian at Blockchain Society

Wei was pioneer Blockchain Entrepreneur that found block chain society in Hong Kong. He is co-founder at Hong Kong Blockchain Society. In 2000 Zhang graduated the University of Hong Kong in Financial Innovation, Business and Economics With bachelor degree of Business Administration. First Zhang Worked as Investment Manager in Hong Kong, and after moved to Silicon Valley in San Francisco. In 2015 back to Hong Kong where with James he opened mining company and started investing in Bitcoin. He has good connections with miners and investors in China mainland. ТУТInvested own 500 000 USD in development of ASIC of new generation. Highly supported real Bitcoin and Mining decentralisation, believes that several companies will develop more new various ASIC, and mining will become more decentralized again.

Blockchain, Crypto Currency and ICO projects
Sofia Ciau Blockchain, Crypto Currency and ICO projects

Sofia Ciau is heart and soul of ICO projects at Advanced Miners. She was born in Hong Kong and moved to Australia, where got excellent education at James Cook University and worked in KPMG as Senior consultant and Manager. She focused on legal solutions for ICO projects. And in 2017 joined Advanced Miners company as account manager.

co-owner, CMO
Ariel Lee co-owner, CMO

Ariel Lee is a brilliant marketer in Advanced Miners team. Beside that she perfectly understands principles of mining and mining farm building. Ariel was born in Hong Kong and learned marketing in the University of Hong Kong, and then worked in Rackspace company. Ariel also helps to build Advanced Miners Farm in China. In Rackspace Lee learned how to manage data centers, and after she moved to Netherlands where she represented Advanced Miners and Antminer Distribution Europe, she specialized in importing, (re)selling and installing mining hardware.ТУТ These so called miners are custom developed computers which generate cryptocoins. For example bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. Transactions are made in seconds worldwide at very low transactions costs. Bitcoin payments are relatively new. but improved way of making payments far more efficiently. The bitcoin is linked to an exchange rate which also makes it a very interesting project to invest in. Ariel Lee invested in Advanced Miners ICO 150 000 USD.

Writer, Marketer, Strategist
Suzzanna Miller Writer, Marketer, Strategist

Suzzanna is the main inspirer and strategist of the company Advanced miners. She was born in Amsterdam, North Holland Province, Netherlands. She has experience of working in the well-known consulting company Innovation Point LLC, as a Chief. Suzanna successfully embedded complex business processes, marketing strategies and innovation. In Advanced Miners, she is the chief marketer and strategist.

Senior Marketing Executive
Miket Xiu Senior Marketing Executive

Miket Xiu is the head of the ICO projects in Advanced Miners company. He studied at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He lives in Kassel, Hessen, Germany. Works as a senior executive director at the well-known company ANX INTERNATIONAL. Miket will represent Advanced Miners in Europe. Takes part in ASIC development, based on 12nm and 7nm chip, effects technical support of work.


We accept BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XPR, XMR and Dash.

Our specific advantage is our own developed ASIC AM-12 that generates now more that any other mining SHA-256 (bitcoin) ASIC. So investors who will buy and keep token make benefit from it. Pofit may decrease or increase depending on SHA-256 difficulty, but project will be in + even if bitcoin price will drop to 2000USD per Bitcoin. And we tried to describe it in our one pages, as simple as possible, profit based on last month income.

During the presale, you can buy our Token at $0.7, that means you'll have 50% discount of final ACM token price when selling it on exchanges with price $1.4 You have discount 35% extra at Main Sales Token with cost of $0.9. We have also bonuses that gives you extra Token. It depends on how much Tokens you're going to buy! You can see more information in your personal cabinet when you sign to

Yes, you're right. Mining now down and only Bitcoin SHA-256 gives some profit, but Advanced Miners launch own ASIC with 28 TH/s that make average $400- $445 per month during March - May 2018. So we estimate profit according to our own mining mashine AM-12. With any other ASIC or GPU mining you will not have such profit, it will be in 10 times less and probably your profit will not even cover electricity bills. That's why Advanced Miners make so unbelievable profit compareing to other mining companies.

We use our own miner ACM-12 that cost for us under 1000 ACM Tokken and produces 28 Th/s on SHA-258 algorithm. Remember that any other miners now will never give you 438% ROI in Year!

Our main Idea to make money for us and our unvestors and we try to make Bitcoin more decentrilised with new pool and new miner ASIC AM-12. More pools and different miners, less Hash rate at the same hands, undoubtedly it'll help to decentralise Bitcoin.